As leading independent OLEV-Approved EV charge point specialists,

APi Electrical believe that it is time for EV drivers to be ‘seen to be green’.

If ultra-low emission vehicles could display the fact that they are greener – by wearing a new green registration plate – then this would demonstrate their green credentials to others and create instant awareness wherever the vehicles travel.

Green Plates have been used in Hungary since 2015

Green registration plates are now a familiar sight in Hungary on the streets of cities such as Budapest. Helping to popularise the cleaner form of transportation in cities is something that is important for the environment, especially in densely populated city areas.

Plug-in Hybrids look like their petrol and diesel equivalents

As the majority of plug-in cars on our roads are currently plug-in hybrid derivatives of existing, popular diesel and petrol cars such as BMW 330, Mercedes C350, VW Golf, Passat, Up! Mitsubishi Outlander, etc – etc, most people simply are not aware of the fact that there are actually lots of these green, clean cars already on the road.

Popularise adoption of EVs by helping them stand out

The wide-spread adoption of anything new requires firstly the early adopters, then as things evolve more and more people begin to feel comfortable with the idea for it to be accepted and become mainstream. We believe if the cars were ‘seen to be green’ with high visibility #greenplates fitted to ultra low emission vehicles, people will quickly become more aware of plug-in cars and they would then be far more receptive to the advances and advantages of electric vehicles, both in running costs and being kinder to the environment and in the wider interests of public health.

Disabled drivers display their badge in cars to access disabled parking facilities…

We already have systems to help prevent unauthorised use of disabled parking bays…  Of the main obstacles to the wider adoption of electric cars – the battery range – and the number of quality EV Charging points available for public charging, things are made even more difficult when ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicle owners decide to park their cars in EV parking bays clearly intended, and needed for EV’s to be able to plug in.

Dim-Watts and ICE-Holes

We are clearly moving on from the current ‘ICE-Age’ to a new cleaner form of electric mobility and #green plates would help to prevent the unwarranted indiscretion and inconsiderate parking habits of some ICE drivers, who continually use available EV charging bays. Plug-in cars (especially 100% EV) require charging facilities. If the car does not have a #green plate to indicate the fact that it has the right to park in the designated bay, it would be highly visible and should incur a penalty as a deterrent.

Be Seen to be Green

So let’s start a campaign to be ‘seen to be green’ and help raise public awareness of the cleaner, greener transport that is already on our roads and help increase the numbers exponentially… all the way up to when ICE vehicles will be ultimately banned in 2040.

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