Workplace Charging Scheme

workplace charging scheme WCS

Workplace Charging Scheme (OLEV WCS) Grant

The Workplace Charging Scheme is a voucher-based scheme that provides support towards the up-front costs of the purchase and installation of electric vehicle charge points.

  • Businesses can apply for their WCS vouchers for a £500 (inc VAT) grant per socket (up to 20 maximum or £10,000).
  • To subsidise the installation of EV charging infrastructure at workplaces for the use of staff, visitors and fleet vehicles.
  • You don’t have to have electric vehicles.
  • You can also demonstrate that you intend to encourage their uptake with the installation of workplace charging.

Obtaining the WCS Grant

Obtaining vouchers for the Workplace Charging Scheme is easy, all you need to do is:

  • Complete the simple WCS Voucher Application PDF
  • Send to the Government address provided on the application.
  • Vouchers are quickly despatched
  • When you receive the voucher code, provide this, including expiry the date, to APi Electrical
workplace charging scheme advice

As WCS approved and registered Installers we are qualified to redeem the value of the voucher (worth £500 inc VAT per socket).

Up to a maximum value of £10,000 off the total cost of equipment and installation.

As we are an Independent specialist we can advise charge point options from the leading charge point manufacturers

To suit your budget and vehicle requirements, and arrange a location survey to provide a quote.

To help give an idea of costs involved for charge points and installation*

(*including the WCS grant £500 inc VAT per socket) we have created a menu of packaged installations.

Included in all packaged ‘standard’ installs:

  • EV ChargePoint
  • Suitable MCB
  • Cable (10m) clipped to wall or within ceiling services space
  • Sim Meter to comply with WCS grant

Additional costed ‘non-standard’ items:

  • Additional earthing
  • Ground Works
  • Parking Bay Stencilled Graphics
  • EV Signage
  • Protection Barriers

Workplace Charging Scheme Installation

Standard Commercial Package Examples

workplace charging scheme budget option

Rolec EV Universal Wallpod Socket 7kW

Wall-Mounted – WallPod
The low-cost, entry level commercial charging unit, designed to offer full Mode 3 fast charging to every Electric Vehicle (EV) on the market today.

This unit has been specifically designed for charging EVs in commercial locations such as offices, factories, restaurants, hotels, sports venues, etc.

Being wall-mounted cuts expensive ground works costs but locations need to be suitable without public walkways in between charger and car as cables may cause a trip hazard.

7.2kW £1080.00 (£900.00 ex VAT)

workplace charging scheme business charger

Robust, secure and discreet for exposed business car parking.

Rolec EV Securicharge 1 x 32A 7kW / Also available as 2x 32A 7kW sockets

  • A solid metal construction, discreet and vandal-resistant
  • Wall mounted commercial charging option (saves on ground work costs)
  • Key switch (standard fitment)
  • Coin/Token – PAYG
  • SecuriCharge EV is compatible with all Mode 3 charging enabled electric vehicles on the market
  • Secure lock-away charging socket
  • Key-switch control as standard
  • Built in LED status indicator
  • Usage Meter

1 x 32A 7.2kW £1450.00 (£1208.33 ex VAT)

2 x 32A 7kW £1980.00 (£1650.00 ex VAT)

workplace charging scheme smart charging

WCS ‘Smart’ Charging Options

For the WCS Grant and for non-‘smart’ chargers OLEV require an ASL meter with Sim for data transmission (a back-office extra upgrade).

Smart Charging by Netherlands experts EVBox and New Motion is designed to operate from their integral, state of the art back office systems.

EVBOX, super reliable (with professional in-house back office management system).

  • Available as single and dual wall-mount or pole-mount.
  • A unique load-balancing system to enable multi-bay charging without overloading the available, existing supply.
  • Sophisticated yet simple integrated back office system.
  • RFID Card OR KEY FOB activation (Monitor usage to individual cards or Fobs).
  • Ultra-reliable and extremely robust build quality.
  • Remote fault diagnosis and smart system allows 90% of problems to be rectified without reactive maintenance call-outs.
  • Can be ordered from Single Phase 16A – 3.4kW / 32A 7.4kW to 3-Phase 11kW and 22kW.

1 x 32A 7.2kW (Wall-mount) including back office management subscription and

Free RFID / key fob activation £1626.00 (£1355.00 ex VAT)

New Motion WCS chargers

New Motion, state of the art smart charging

Awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2016, this is a proven and tested charge point perfect for business locations.

  • Available as wall-mount, single or dual pole mount.
  • Charge points can be specified from 3.7kW single phase – to 22kW 3 phase.

Reasons to buy

  • Award winning charge point design
  • Certified Safety: our charge points prevent electrocution and overheating
  • Smart services: remote charge point control and dynamic load balancing
  • Low investment: no upgrade needed for your grid connection
  • Futureproof: automatic software updates deliver the latest smart services
  • Multiple User Access via RFID
  • Available from 1-phase 3.4kW (15 miles range per hour) up to 3-phase 22kW (80 miles range per hour).
  • Smart Load-Balancing, multiple units able to share existing electricity supply without overload (allowing more charging bays per location).

1 x 32A 7.2kW (Wall-mount) including back office management subscription and

RFID activation £1,500.00 (£1250.00 ex VAT)

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