About APi Electrical

About APi Electrical Contractors

“We believe the future will be all-electric and we are committed to providing energy efficient solutions.”

The APi Electrical Proposition

At APi Electrical we are a rapidly growing company focussed on transforming EV energy demands into opportunities.

We are not alone

Well-established as one of the UK’s leading Independent EV ChargePoint Specialists, we continually research and collaborate with respected industry partners in order to gain insight into the increasing volumes of renewable generation required to support the electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), which is fundamental to the continued uptake of e-mobility in the UK.

We believe in supporting a balanced and cleaner grid, by implementing renewable technologies such as solar and wind and storing the clean energy and harnessing it for flexible use towards a sustainable and more affordable electricity provision, both for commercial and domestic users.

Our mission – accelerating the EV revolution

APi’s mission is to help drive the UK’s transition to lower carbon electricity and an e-transport future.

We bring together the high levels of skill, passion, expertise and commitment needed to achieve our goal.

We aim to make a significant difference to positively disrupt the way our society gets and uses energy.

We are experienced in the challenges this brings and we love our work.

Our values

  • To provide a single source of expert, independent knowledge, applied in practical ways.
  • Sharp-thinking and responsiveness to client’s needs.
  • Trusted partners who strive for fairness on costs and to deliver our undertakings on time.
  • Independent, Innovative and unafraid of challenges.
  • To make a positive difference.

Our commitments

  • To Provide fair and transparent pricing for our clients, commercial and domestic.
  • Making EV Ownership easier by providing expert independent advice and the right products for the right price.
  • Tackling the challenges and realities of a transition to renewable energy access for everyone.

If you need help, advice or a quote call 01942 870 397 or use our contact form