Charge points for housing developments

To make your development future proof and EV ready there is no need to install a full charge point for each building.


charge points for housing developments

Introducing our innovative charge point package for housing developers

Charge Points for New Builds

charge points for new builds

eo Basic charge points ideal for new builds

EV ready at a fraction of the cost

make your home EV ready

Install a unique backplate. Allowing the new home owner to buy a charger when they are ready

How does it work?

charge point back plate installation

Install our back plate for £60 plus Vat. We provide the protective cover. Homeowner contacts APi Electrical when ready for an EV charger. APi completes the installation.

Make your homes EV ready at a fraction of the cost.

Back plates can be installed and if the new owner drives an EV they can simply buy the front part and slide it on to the back plate.

Our basic charger utilises an innovative backplate mounting design.

For house builders this presents some clear benefits:

• Backplates cost a fraction of the cost of the full charger.
• Cabling, RCD’s and the backplate can be fitted to a new home but not connected, and the backplate capped off.
• New homeowners can then get an eo basic charger installed.

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