Charge your EV for FREE with your PV


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APi Electrical are zappi charger installers approved by MyEnergi and OLEV

zappi can use your surplus energy to charge your electric car for free

We’re really excited about this unique EV product which is feature-packed!

  • This intelligent device is unique as it offers three charge modes.
  • It gets really clever with the ECO and ECO Plus modes.
  • They continuously adjust the charge from your own generated power and the requirements elsewhere in the home.
  • Software upgradeable online, with new ‘Smart’ Charging Features and APP control soon to be integrated.


Fast Mode

Enables the full 7kW 32A capacity to be used (just the same as any standard charger).


Eco Mode

Enables grid consumption if necessary to complete charging.

Eco Plus

Eco Plus Mode

Prevents anything other than surplus (free off-grid) power being used and benefits from a full backlit display so you can view the savings being made.

January 2019

zappi Charge Point Deal (ends 1.2.19)

zappi Charge Point Deal








  • £20 off zappi charge points.
  • (Normally from £399) now fully installed from just £379* (Inc. Vat).
  • *Price includes EVHS £500 OLEV Grant and standard installations.
  • To verify a standard installation please visit our OLEV grant eligibility page.

As well as zappi … there’s also eddi …


Divert surplus energy to your hot water tank


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eddi diverts surplus solar/wind generation to the hot water tank


  • It will allow you to choose between zappi (car charge) or eddi (heat hot water).
  • eddi is available as an additional (non-grant funded) extra.

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  • 3 charging modes (Fast, Eco and Eco+)
  • OLEV approved
  • Solar PV/wind turbine not required – can still be used like a standard charge point
  • Boost function – keeps the battery at a minimum charge level
  • Economy Tariff sensing to maximise savings
  • 6A to 32A variable charging
  • Integral RCD for earth leakage protection
  • IP65 rated enclosure suitable for outdoors
  • Energy data logging
  • Graphical back-lit LCD screen for ease of use
  • 5 metre, 32A rated cable with Type 1 or Type 2 charge plug
  • 3-year warranty
  • Adjustable charge current limit – allows installation with smaller circuit breakers (e.g. 16A)
  • Adjustable import power limit  – The maximum import limit can be set to limit power drawn by the house when charging
  • In-line mounting holes for easy fixing to brick or timber stud walls
  • Through-wall or surface mount cable entry options for easy wiring


  • Dimensions: 362 x 220 x 78mm
  • Charging Mode: Mode 3 (AC)
  • Maximum Charge Current: 32A (7kW)
  • Supply: 90-256V 16A or 32A 50/60Hz
  • Compliance: BS 8300:2009+A1:2010, BS EN 61851, BS EN 62196