New Motion charge point installers

Ranked Number One globally amongst all EV charging network companies

A very well-established Netherlands Based Company that ranked #1 globally amongst all EV charging network companies in November 2016.

Vauxhall/Opel have selected New Motion as their respective charge partner for the new Ampera-e launch in 2017.

New Motion has the largest online charge network in Europe, servicing 80,000+ drivers and has now expanded into the UK.

Quality, reliability and sophisticated systems are of the highest standard available and the user-simplicity of the back-office management is a testimony to the thought and development that has gone into their elegant charging products.

  • Specify home or business from 3.7kW – 22kW.
  • Sockets and Tethered (in either 5m or 8m lengths).
  • Single charge points can be either wall-mounted or singularly/paired on single short or long pole mount with bespoke signage.
  • Superbly presented advanced cloud-based management system.
  • State of the art Charging Administration.
  • RFID Fob activation and Network APP enabling the chargers to be located.
  • Covers can be specified in any RAL colour specification.
  • Highly professional back-up and reliability assured.

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