Approved JuiceBox by Enel X charger installers

JuiceBox EV charger installers

Enel X manufacture JuiceBox charge points

Part of Global Enel X Group  

A highly innovative charge point manufacturer from the USA, they were acquired by Global Italian Utility group Enel and will be re-branding as ENEL X. 

JuiceBox (Enel X) is the only EVSE that affords both direct user control and smart grid optimisation. 

Their domestic and commercial charge points are now available in the UK and APi Electrical are proud to be an approved supplier and installer. 

JuiceBox for home – from £360 (Inc. Vat)

(The ‘Ultra-Smart’ – Future-proof Charging Solution).

  • Their domestic chargers are OLEV approved for the EVHS £500 grant.
  • Future-proof, intelligent load management – Guaranteed no-overload with multiple units on same circuit.
  • Fast charging from 7,4 kW (1-phase) at 32 A – up to 22 kW (3-phase) – (Dependent on electric supply and vehicle).
  • Anywhere, anytime monitoring & control intuitive mobile app & web portal (Super-Smart Charging Capability)
  • Network-based station intelligence – Control, monitor and report on charging performance and energy usage.
  • Smart Demand Side response (DSR) maximise control of renewables and retail demand charging tariffs.
  • ‘FLEXITRICITY’ – Money saving scheduled charging during times of lowest energy cost.
  • Tethered 3.8 m cable enables easy access, no need to bring your own cable
  • Extremely Robust and highly compact design – Indoor/Outdoor fully weatherproof enclosure (IP66)


JuiceBox for Commercial – Public and Private Locations

JuiceBox is available for businesses too with their Pro 32C model.

They can be wall or pedestal mounted making them ideal for apartment buildings or workplaces.

  • State-of-the-art – Real-time EV fleet management software available
  • Integration options to on-site energy systems
  • WiFi or ethernet connected
  • Optional multi-user authentication and reporting available
  • Extremely Robust and compact charging – made to last.

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Delighted with the service I have received from APi Electrical.

Ian who fitted the charger could not have been more pleasant

and explained everything he was doing.

Would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending APi to anyone.

Thanks for your excellent service!

I always try to use local companies if the service is right.

APi Electrical didn’t disappoint – friendly and efficient communication from Jill

who arranged the dates, and the engineers were fast,

professional and knowledgeable.

A North West company doing good things.

Delighted with the service I received.

APi Electrical were very efficient in surveying and then installing

my ROLEC charger. The installation was very quick and they

were very attentive ensuring that the OLEV grant application was approved.

Truly friendly and professional service. From the first phone call

which was both in depth and welcoming – to the final installation

which was incredibly professional and respectful of our 200 year-old house.

I’ve already recommended these guys to other people and will be

coming back when I’m ready to put in a second charging point.