ev box charger installers

One of the international market leaders in EV charging

The Netherlands-based company is already well-established as one of the international market leaders in Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructures and related cloud-based services.

With an installed base of over 40,000 charging points worldwide that serve individuals, businesses, facilities and major public charging networks.

Market-leading quality and innovation

EVBox provides its software and services to business, public sector and residential customers and has developed a reputation for market-leading quality and innovation.

  • EVBox charging solutions are universal & can be operated by any electric vehicle.
  • High-Quality Durable Hardware.
  • Single, dual, pole-mount or wall-mount – with RFID card or key fob activation.
  • Can be supplied with covers in any RAL colour & branded.
  • Advanced Cloud-based software applications.
  • EVBox offers ultra-reliability (with an average of 99.9% uptime over 640,000 charges in Amsterdam alone during 2016).
  • User-friendly charging experience.
  • Well-established proven technology.
  • EVBox has an extensive installed base of charging points, reaching 26 countries & 980 cities around the world.

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