eo chargers

eo chargers

A unique range of high-quality charging units by eo

EO stands for electricity online and this forward thinking family-owned British company have developed a unique range of high-quality charging units.


eo mini charger

Introducing the EO Mini charger – Now available installed from as little as £149* inc. Vat

EO has also just launched the most compact charger available the eo mini charger with the same attention to design detail, a super-small and discrete fast charger.

*dependent on successful grant application

The new eo Genius

Offering everything from basic destination chargers to the new Genius with the eoHUB which allows the EO charge point to be controlled by the cloud and their own eoAPP.

Genius is a future-proof smart ready charger, connect it to eoHUB for EO’s software platform and the eoAPP.

  • EO Mini Charger: Super compact no-nonsense and cost-effective charging solution.
  • Single, dual, pole-mount or wall-mount, upgradable with Genius Charger to cloud and App.
  • Unique design that allows the charge point to be easily connected to the solid state electronic management which bolts to wall or pole.
  • High tech, Low-Cost Charging Solutions.

If you would like to apply for the Government grant and get a quote for the eo mini charger simply call Jill on 01942 870 397 or complete the form below

Jill is waiting to help you

Or if you run a business and would like eo chargers installed with the OLEV WCS grant at your workplace please click commercial electric vehicle charging

Domestic charger enquiry

Domestic charger enquiry

The whole process of installing the eo charge point was very straightforward. The electrician was very thorough, took time to ensure that the positioning was the best and would work well for me. He was very friendly, a tidy worker and took time to explain the whole operation.