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APi Electrical have teamed up with Electric Cars UK

One of the UK’s first specialist used EV dealerships

Electric Cars UK and APi Electrical work together to provide electric car customers the service required to obtain OLEV grant funding for both home (EVHS) and work (WCS) OLEV so that customers of ECUK are provided a Rolec 32amp 7kW charger which is supplied and installed free with their car purchase*.

(*Subject to standard installation and OLEV terms and conditions).

Terms & Conditions

OLEV EVHS (Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme) Grant

  • Customers must have private off-road parking and comply with OLEV eligibility criteria in order for the EVHS £500 grant contribution.
  • OLEV application documents are downloadable from our site (see link right): OLEV grant application forms

 *Standard Installation Description: 

  • Rolec EVWP2026-OLEV Universal WallPod Socket (non-tethered cable) in white with green pods. (Different colours can be ordered at an additional cost of £29.99).
  • A run of no more than 10 metres from fuse board to charge point
  • The fuse board should not have RCD protection and must have a spare breaker (non-rcd-protected) available.
  • Cabling will be clipped to surface i.e. Not involving groundworks
  • If the vehicle is to be charged outside of a garage it must have a TT earth rod installed as per B.S 7671 regulations (this is included in ECUK customer’s standard installation)
  • The property is local to within 150 miles return journey for the installation service.
  • The applicant must comply with and complete the relevant OLEV EVHS documentation (Click Here: OLEV grant application forms)

Please Note: If your’s does not quite conform to the standard Installation description, we will be able to advise and quantify any small additional costs only if absolutely necessary, we do not compromise on your safety

3 easy steps for a swift installation

1. Provide ‘self-survey’ picture and other details required on the PQQ (Pre-Qualify-Questionnaire) Excel Sheet (the PQQ can be downloaded here or from the footer on our website).

2. Download ANNEX D PART A, to scan – complete (sign by hand) and return to us with a copy of the evidence document you tick for in section 2 of PART A. Note if the car is registered to a company, then you can tick for this in section 2 and download and return the completed ANNEX i Company Letterhead, which also requires being hand-signed by a senior company representative. All relevant grant documents are here; OLEV grant application forms

3. Agree on a suitable date for installation.

Please note

A tethered charge point can also be provided for £50 extra cost.

Tethered chargers have an integrated cable with attached plug suitable for any make of car, other options are also available which include:

  • A range of different colours
  • Key switch isolator to prevent unwelcome use
  • Analogue timer for economy 7 users

Options are detailed on this page: OLEV approved installers.

  • APi Electrical are registered and approved OLEV installers
  • We comply with all current regulatory codes of practice such as IET, NIC EIC and B.S 7671.
  • A Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate will be provided after completing and testing.
  • We never compromise when it comes to your safety.