Electric car charging points installation by OLEV approved installers from £149 (Inc. Vat)

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Domestic charger enquiry

Which home charge point do you need?

We install universal sockets for home charging by EO and Rolec

EO mini home charge points

For more details click eo chargers

Rolec home charge points

For more details please click Rolec EV charge points

Universal socket or tethered cable with plug?

eo mini universal socket

Universal Socket

Choose from either the super-compact EO mini or Rolec Universal Socket32A 7.2kW. Up to  30 miles of range per hour – (depending on power output of vehicle).

Compatible with all makes and models of electric vehicles.

From £149* (Inc. Vat) Fully Installed – cable not supplied

*Price includes OLEV EVHS £500 Grant and applies if your installation is standard. To check standard installation criteria click here

*To Check Personal Grant Eligibility and to Get Your OLEV Grant: Click Here

Tethered Type 1 plug or Type 2 plug

Complete with a 5 metre lead

£199* (Inc. Vat)

*Price includes OLEV EVHS £500 Grant and applies if your installation is standard. To check standard installation criteria click here

*To Check Personal Grant Eligibility and to Get Your OLEV Grant: Click Here

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Government body The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) provides grant funding for installations at residences with private parking and EVHS eligible vehicles.

  • With 75% towards the cost and installation of an EV Home Charging point up to a maximum of £500.
  • The grant is obtained only through a registered and approved OLEV installer such as APi Electrical.
  • APi Electrical can provide a fully installed OLEV-Approved home charge points from as little as £149 (inc VAT).

For more details on OLEV and why you need an approved OLEV installer visit the OLEV website

Want your Rolec charge point in a different colour?

There is no extra charge if you choose the white and green option (as shown far left).

All other colours add £29.99

Available colours

  • Green and white (no additional cost)
  • Black and red
  • Blue
  • Terracotta
  • White and Grey

Optional extras for Rolec home charge points

Rotary solar switch

A rotary style switch enabling different rates of charge.


Key switch

Key operated isolator to prevent unauthorised use


Analogue Timer

Enables the charger to operate at a preset time


Usage Meter

Single phase meter to monitor use