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Rolec EV charge points at the most affordable prices.

Rolec is a Lincolnshire-based company which has specialised for the last 8 years in providing the most comprehensive range of EV charging points at the most affordable prices.

Rolec has manufactured over 45,000 EV charging points to date for home and work including:

  • Wall-mount
  • Pole
  • Pedestal

EV SmartCharge is their latest solution

Providing an app-based smart charging solution.

It can be integrated into their AutoCharge pedestals and Securicharge wall-mounted products and enable a cloud based back office system, together with load-balancing and mobile phone app operation.

If you are interested in applying for the grant and would like a Rolec charge point installing just fill in the form below.

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Domestic charger enquiry

Domestic charger enquiry

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